Contractor Pressure Gauges

Model EA14 Contractor Pressure Gauge

The Model EA14 pressure gauge is suitable for a wide variety of applications including: measuring water pressure, boiler pressure, and steam pressure.

EA14 Contractor Pressure Gauge


  • 4-1/2" Dial Size
  • Phosphor bronze bourdon tube and brass connection
  • Brass Movement
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel case and ring
  • Re-calibrator in face of gauge
  • 1% full scale accuracy per ASME B40.1 Grade 1A
  • Suitable for water, air, oil, gas or other medium not corrosive to copper alloys
  • Siphon required for steam applications
  • EA14 Data Sheet [pdf]

Product Details

EA14-2 0-15 PSI 1 PSI ,25 PSI
EA14-A 0-30 PSI 5 PSI .5 PSI
EA14-B 0-60PSI 10 PSI 1 PSI
EA14-C 0-100 PSI 10 PSI 1 PSI
EA14-D 0-160 PSI 20 PSI 2 PSI
EA14-E 0-200 PSI 20 PSI 2 PSI
EA14-F 0-300 PSI 50 PSI 5 PSI
EA14-G0-500 PSI50 PSI5 PSI
EA14-H30-0" HG VAC5" HG.5" HG
EA14-J30"-0-30 PSI10" HG/10 PSI1" HG/1 PSI
EA14-K30"-0-100 PSI15" HG/10 PSI 5" HG/1 PSI
EA14-L30"-0-150 PSI30" HG/25 PSI 5" HG/5 PSI
EA14-M30"-0-300 PSI20" HG/50 PSI 5" HG/5 PSI
EA14BALT0/60 PSI&0/140 FT10 PSI/20 FT 1 PSI/2 FT
EA14CALT0/100 PSI&0/230 FT10 PSI/25 FT 2 PSI/5 FT
EA14DALT0/160 PSI&0/375 FT20 PSI/50 FT 2 PSI/5 FT
EA14EALT0/200 PSI&0/460 FT20 PSI/25 FT 2 PSI/5 FT